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Canadian Press

Title: Voice of the Fugitive

Alternate Title(s): Voice of the Fugitive and Canadian Independent

Location(s): Windsor, Canada West (Ontario); Sandwich, Canada West (Ontario)

Editor(s): Henry W. Bibb

Date(s): 1851-1854


Title: The Provincial Freeman

Alternate Title(s): Provincial Freeman and Weekly AdvertiserProvincial Freeman and Semi-Monthly Advertiser

Location(s): Windsor, Canada West (Ontario); Toronto, Canada West (Ontario); Chatham, Canada West (Ontario)

Editor(s): Mary Ann Shadd Cary; Samuel R. Ward; Alexander McArthur

Date(s): 1853-1876



Title: The Voice of the Bondsman

Location(s): Stratford, Canada West (Ontario)

Editor(s): J. J. E. Linton

Date(s): 1856


Title: The True Royalist and Weekly Intelligencer

Location(s): Windsor, Canada West (Ontario)

Editor(s): Rev. Augustus R. Green; Samuel V. Berry

Date(s): 1860-1861


Title: The Canadian Observer

Date(s): 1914-1919


Title: The Atlantic Advocate

Location(s): Halifax, Nova Scotia

Editor(s): M. F. Jemmott; E.L. Cross; Dr. C. C. Ligoure

Date(s): 1915-1917


 Title: The Nova Scotia Gleaner

Location(s): Sydney, Nova Scotia

Editor(s): F. A. Hamilton

Date(s): 1929


 Title: The Clarion

Alternate Title(s): The Negro Citizen

Location(s): New Glasgow, Nova Scotia; Truro, Nova Scotia

Editor(s): Carrie M. Best

Date(s): 1946-1949



American Press

Title: The Alienated American

Alternate Title(s): The People's Exposition

Location(s): Cleveland, Ohio; Buxton, Canada West (Ontario)

Editor(s): William H. Day; Rev. James W. C. Pennington (New York); Samuel R. Ward (Toronto)

Date(s): 1853-1855



Other Sources

Title: Garrison Shadd Diary Collection

Location(s): Buxton National Historic Site; Kent County, Ontario

Creator(s): Garrison Shadd; William Shadd; Charles Shadd; Alfred Shadd; Isaac Shadd

Date(s): 1881-1889