Historical Context and Background for the Third Issue of The Dawn of Tomorrow

<em>The Dawn of Tomorrow</em>, 1923-07-28, vol. 1, no. 3

Page One

‘The Tuskegee Institute is Now Isolated’

  • Tuskegee institute is a historically black university in Tuskegee Alabama that was established by Booker T. Washington to teach students many different jobs and trades. This article references the institute’s nursing school.
  • ‘Veteran’s petition Hines’
    • Veterans are petitioning that they not be taken care of by southern born white officials at the institute because they believe that these officials ‘are not sympathetic in behalf of their health and welfare’.
  • Hill Street Baptist Church in London ON has built a new church after struggling for many years.
    • The reverend J.F. Johnson is a theological graduate from Tuskegee class of 1911.

‘Coloured Newspapers Highly Commended’

  • Colored newspapers are being praised by Dr. John Hope (a prominent African American educator and political activist) for their active and vital role they are playing in the time of advancement and adjustment.

‘London’s Mayor Refuses to Draw Colour Line’

  • After W. V Franklin (a black man) is refused a meal at a London restaurant, London’s mayor hears of the event, calls upon the people of Dawn of Tomorrow to find the man, then Mayor Wenige personally talks to Franklin and apologizes for the happening and assures Franklin that this restaurant does not speak for the entire business men of London, or the citizens of London. He also gets Franklin one of the area’s top attorneys and assures him that justice will be made.

‘Did Not Care for the South’

  • no additional information was found/ added.

‘The Worm Turns’

  • After 3 members of a radical labor organization (I.W.W) are flogged in Port Arthur Texas, 20,000 members are preparing to fight back in a public display. Awaiting the outcome

‘Hibernians to try to Stop Klu Klux Klan’

  • Hibernians/ the Ancient Order of Hibernians= those who are native to Ireland
  • Foundations of American liberty being attacked
  • Religious tolerance should be established in universities across north America
  • ‘civilization must destroy the Klux, or be destroyed by it”

‘Colored Boatmen Rescue White Woman’

  • Two white women and three white men rescued by two black boatmen

Page Two- Editorial


  • After receiving some negative comments about their efforts, the paper is calling on words of encouragement.
  • Explains that encouragement will overall help the paper do better

‘They Shall Not Pass’

  • Covers the idea that France is not following in America’s footsteps of prejudice and ignorance but instead is continuing to progress with equality, prosperity and respect.

‘The Passing Tradition and African civilization’

  • Talks of an examination that shows what people know about Negroes in the past and present vitally affects the opinions concerning them.
  • The article covers the history of Africans used as slaves
  • Mentioning of how racial stereotypes are false
  • Asks of how the negro can gain superiority, and gain progress in the world on their own terms

‘Oldest Resident Dies’

  • Woman called ‘Aunt Minerva’ has died at age 115, beloved by all classes.

**There are then a variety of advertisements, from rug finishers, to overall retailers, and jewelers. **

Page 3

‘American Missionary Association Work Among Negroes in Canada’

  • (a conclusion to the previous issues article)
  • The fugitive slave population in the (unknown to me*) township is growing
  • The fugitive save law is seemingly dead because so many fugitive slaves are getting to Canada safely
  • Mention of reverend L.C Chambers appearing for the first time at Dresden?
    • He is the last missionary to do active missions among refugees, and is not staying ‘among the people whom he labors’

‘Interest Shown in Election of Johnson’

  • Newly elected senator Johnson openly declares that he is in favor of a law to prevent lynching
  • National leaders are starting to realize that black voters are independent thinkers in the political world
    • Majority of black voters are unfriendly towards republican administration

** Various Advertisements along the side again. **

Page 4

‘Our Correspondents’

  • A multitude of very brief pieces of news/events in the surrounding areas.
    • They cover Stratford, Oakville, Toronto, and London, Brantford, Sarnia
  • Lots of the correspondents are church related news. Religion obviously paying a large role in the lives of the people who read the paper.
  • Most seem to be bits of information that people have paid to send in to be displayed for people to see in the paper, such as “Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey Thomas little girl and boy are ill at this writing. We wish them the speedy recovery”