Summary and Contextual Information Regarding the Fifth Issue of The Dawn of Tomorrow

<em>The Dawn of Tomorrow</em>, 1923-08-11, vol. 1, no. 5

Article 1: Eminent English Scholars warns the Churches

  • This article discusses how the British Indians have started to fight for their basic civil rights. The scholar John H. Harris has been trying to warn the Christian Churches of England about the Color bar that they must take action and remove the label of ‘lazy negroes’ and become ‘men’.

          John. H. Harris was an English missionary and politician who was a part of the liberal party in England. He also campaigned against slavery.

Article 2: Turning tables with a Vengeance

  • This article discusses how rent in Chicago are skyrocketing for African Americans who have just migrated to the North. White Americans only had to pay $40 to $50 and African Americans had to pay $80 to $100 for the same apartment and they are resenting that kind of unfair treatment.

Article 3: Business improves in Philadelphia

  • Business is booming in Philadelphia because of the great migration of African Americans from the South to the North.

Article 4: Tourists’ Views Not Upheld by Pres. Poincaire

  • This article discusses how American tourists are not happy about French Africans mingling with other white people because the French do not believe in the American white prejudice. American tourists have been appealing to President Poincaire to stop this tolerance but the president ignored them.

          President Poincaire was the president of France on January 17, 1913, but was first the prime minister in 1912. He determined France’s policy that eventually forced France to get involved in WWI.

Article 5: Mrs. Maxwell kills Drunken Husband

  • Carrie Maxwell kills her husband who advanced to her with a brick in his hand after several quarrels.

Article 6: Editorial

  • This article was written by the editor to discuss the criticisms he has been receiving of his newspaper. People have been criticizing him for using the term negro, but he does not apologize for the term because he says that all great scholars, like Booker T. Washington, use that term. He persists that people should not be ashamed of using the term because until every African American accepts they are black, then they cannot progress.

          Booker T. Washington is an African American intellectual best known for his idea that African Americans accept the laws of segregation and focus on improving oneself and their self-reliance. He is also the founder of the Tuskegee Institute, which is an African American school.

Article 7: The New President

          Tuskegee Hospital Situation: During the time of segregation, many African Americans were denied access to be treated in hospitals or were able to work in them. As a result, the Black Hospital Movement was created to change that tradition and the Tuskegee Institute opened the first black hospital for African Americans to be treated and able to work there as well.

Article 8: Crogman and Howard Honored

Article 9: The Passing Tradition and African Civilization

  • This article is from the Journal of Negro History and it discusses the rich history of African civilization mainly of Ethiopia and Sudan. The author N. Work Monroe refers to Homer’s stories the describe the beauty of Ethiopia and its people and other Arab historians that refer to Sudan’s rich kingdom and trade.

Article 10: The Only Possible World Peace Plan

  • This article uses religion to provide the only possible plan to achieve world peace and in this case, the author of this article is referring to the feud between African Americans and White Americans. The only way to possible achieve peace is if they listen to the Lord Jehovah and love thy neighbors as you love thy self and the Lord will forgive those who have not loved other humans regardless of race.

Article 11: Five Million Strong

  • In 1923, the Ku Klux Klan members have grown to five million strong from five thousand within 3 years. The KKK wanted to bring on the fight said Col. William G. Simmons, the founder of the order.

          Col. William G. Simmons was the founder of the second Ku Klux Klan. With his determination to revive the Klan, he began bringing in more members and during  his leadership, he opposed new immigrants from eastern Europe or anybody who was not a native born Anglo Saxon or Celtic Protestant.

          The Ku Klux Klan, founded in 1866, was an extremist movement that extended all over the southern part of the United States to assert white supremacy. The Klan opposed many African Americans and were anti immigration. The members of the Klan took extreme, violent action on anyone who was basically not white.

Article 12: Oakville Notes

  • A huge garden party was held and it was said that the house was completely overflowing with people and reported a grand time.

Article 13: Owen Sound Notes

  • This article discusses an address by a pasture with relations to the subject of freedom. The pasture sent the message of the efforts of Abraham Lincoln and Queen Victoria of freeing slaves. He also mentioned how efficient African Americans have been in fighting for freedom and equality.