Historical Context and External Links for the Ninth Issue of The Dawn of Tomorrow

<em>The Dawn of Tomorrow</em>, 1923-09-08, vol. 1, no. 9

Page One:

Article: “Bishop Connor Opens A. M. E. Conference”

“African Methodist Episcopal Church”:

  • created out of the Free African Society in Philadelphia in 1787.
  • began with strongest holdin Northeast and Midwest, but became international in late 19th century with denominations in Sierra Leone and Liberia, as well as for Reconstruction and post-Reconstruction African Americans in the South.
  • https://www.ame-church.com/our-church/our-history/

“Tanner Chapel”:

Article: “Negro Comedian Makes Hit at Grand Theatre in “Town Scandals”

“Johnny Hudgins”:

“Grand Opera House”:

Page Two:

Section: “Editorials”

Article: “A fitting answer to the Klan”

“the Crisis”:

Article: “Mrs. Leeds objection to carrier not sustained”

“Harry S. New”:

Article: “Spain Having Difficulties”:

  • Within the context of the Rif War, also known as the Second Moroccan War, that was fought mainly between colonial power Spain and Riffian rebels led by Adb-El Krim in Northern Morocco.

“Adb-El Krim”:

  • The rebel leader of a Riffian group in Northern Morocco who fought against Spanish and French colonial forces in the early 1920s. Helped to establish the short-lived Rif Republic.
  • https://www.britannica.com/event/Rif-War

Page Three:

Article: “Three elements of African culture”

“tribes of Baganda, Mashonaland, and Yoruba”:






Page Four:

Article: “Chatham Notes”

“Amherstburg Regular Baptist Association”

Article: “St Catharines Notes”

“B.M.E. Church”